Photo Collective New York City Retreat

I traveled with American University’s Photo Collective Club to New York City the weekend of April 7 to meet photographers, gallery owners, and artists in the city. We also visited galleries and the International Center of Photography, and spent the whole weekend photographing the city. Here are some photos from my weekend in NYC.


American University Farmer’s Market

Here are some photos I took of the farmer’s market that happens every Wednesday at American University. These photos were taken for American University’s newspaper, The Eagle, and one of the photos will be published in the next print edition of the newspaper.


Chaotic Word Photo


This week in general was a very chaotic week with the election and all the consequential protests, but I did not want those to be my photos. I wanted a break from the election craziness, so I snapped a photo of the Electronic Superhighway  in the National Portrait Gallery because the exhibit at first glance was very overwhelming and chaotic.


National Portrait Gallery Portraits


For both my portraits, I decided to take advantage of the artwork in the National Portrait Gallery. I snapped this photo of Karissa in front of one of the exhibits on the third floor. I cropped it so you could only see the top half of her face, her eyes and her nose, because I thought it gave the photo more intensity.


I snapped this picture of Allison in front of the  Electronic Superhighway exhibit of the Gallery because her red hair matches the red in the exhibit, and it gave the photo an eclectic vibe.