Whiplash Movie Poster Visual Review


Whiplash is an incredible movie about a talented young drummer named Andrew Neiman, played by Miles Teller, who enrolls at a cut-throat music conservatory where he is mentored by a hardcore instructor, played by J.K. Simmons. Andrew Neiman dreams of greatness, and his mentor will stop at nothing to realize his potential and make him an incredible drummer. The movie poster embodies my own thoughts on the movie, as well as the intensity of the movies.

One of the most prevalent things about this movie poster is the text on the poster. Certain one word adjectives are larger than the other words because they are emphasizing certain aspects of the film, “exhilarating,” “astounding,” and “electrifying.” There are even more variations in size. Those words are in the second largest font, but there is also a medium font use for some of the reviews quoted, and small font for the more detailed reviews quoted. Finally, there is the extremely large font, which is logically used for the title of the film, “Whiplash.” Interestingly enough the two main actors names are actually in the medium font, smaller than the main adjectives, possibly revealing that the intention of this movie poster is to tell you how exciting this film is, instead of broadcast the big names of the stars of the show.

However, the coloring of the text places a specific emphasis on the title and the two main actors because their names are in red. “Winner” is also in red to again remind the audience how awesome this movie is. The red wording is also mirrors and represents a scene in which the Andrew is drumming so hard that he begins to bleed. The red symbolizes the blood and sweat the drummer pours into his dream.


The wording wraps the image to show the image of him drumming. Some the words that border the image fade behind the image. The entire image, as well as the text, has a blue tint or hue to it.

The entire poster has a dark background to truly highlight the image of the drummer and the red lettering, which are the most important parts of the poster (the title, the actors, and a photo of the main character). The image itself is a cutout with the edges darkened and fading into the dark background. The cutout is an image of the drummer looking at and playing his drums symbolizing the way Andrew views drumming; it is the only thing he sees in life, it is the most important aspect of his life, and it is his passion.

Another visual aspect of the poster is the spotlight on the drummer which perfectly draws the viewer’s eyes from the top of the poster, to the drummer in the lower middle of the poster. The edges of the spotlight are leading lines. Also, the lighting and brightening of the drummer because of the spotlight creates attention for the image of Andrew drumming.  




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