Commercial Visual Review



Taco Bell advertised their new “taco,” the Quesalupa, a taco with cheese-filled shell, using the motto, “this is going to be bigger than…” to connect the Quesalupa to popular culture. Comedy, celebrities, and quick visuals are used to grab and keep the watcher’s attention.

The quick camera movements created fluid transitions between each scene to connect the Quesalupa in each scene. The camera movement matches up with the words being said. For example, when the girl in the first scene says, “this is going to be bigger than man buns,” the screen transitions to man buns, and so on, for each popular culture reference.

In the first scene, the camera zooms out on the background, keeping the foreground still to transition from the scene with the people on the jeep to the men with man buns (0:00-0:05).


The second scene transitions to the girls using Tinder by creating the effect of a photograph being taken. There is a flash on the screen and a camera sound, and then the scene transitions to the man with a bun on a phone in the Tinder app, and then the camera dolls out to show the girl on the bed (0:06-0:08).

Then, a quick, shaky pan left from the girls to the Texas biker lawyer mimics the biker’s sudden and chaotic crash entrance (0:10-0:12).



The next quick transition is in the driverless car, from the drivers seat to the people eating the Quesalupa with a quick truck left (0:23-0:27).


Another quick transition is a quick truck left, and moving the camera diagonally down to shift focus from the chaos of the Mars landing to the people eating the quesalupa in the control room (0:30-0:35).

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 11.34.36 PM.png

There is more camera motion in the Giorgio scene where the camera zooms in for dramatic effect and focus on him eating the Quesalupa. The image of clap board, the “edit” noise that sound like a beep, with the white circle, make the scene’s mistake look more organic and comedic (0:41-0:46).

Then, in the Harden’s beard scene, the camera dolls out on his beard to show the entire scene of him eating the Quesalupa to place more emphasis on it (0:46-0:50).


One of the last scenes transition from the soccer ball to the player is a very quick sped up truck right to follow the kicker kicking the soccer ball, a slow motion shot of the soccer ball flying in the air, and then and over-the-shoulder pan right of the player (1:03-1:06).

Just when you may think the commercial is over. The camera dolls out of the firework text into the commercial on a laptop, and pans left as the teenager watching the video looks to the left at his friend (1:08-1:14).

The final visual is a doll out of the scene in the bedroom into a room with hundreds of videos playing on a wall at the same time. The camera quickly pans right, and then a quick doll in on George Takei (1:14-1:21).

Color scheme is also a commonly used transition throughout the video. For example, the pink color scheme from the biker is used to transition to the drones flying during sunset because both scenes having pink-purplish tones (0:17-0:19).

The transition from the Mars scene to the Giorgio scene uses color scheme again; both scenes are dark and have brownish-black tones (0:36-0:40).

The commercial also uses a shallow depth of field throughout the video to create focus, and always keep the Quesalupa in focus. The first image is the taco in focus, and the woman leaning on the jeep out of focus, then when the woman becomes in focus, the background is still out of focus.


The shallow depth of field is always used to place focus on the person talking and eating the quesalupa by keeping them in focus. In the scene with the drone, the man talking is in focus, and the man not talking is out of focus.


Of course, as always the camera uses symmetry, rule of thirds, and framing to create focus.

Symmetry with the virtual reality guys:


Rule of thirds with the guy listening to music:


Framing of the soccer player/kicker with the lights:


The commercial also uses text and music well. The video starts out with no music, and then the music begins, and as the video continues it gets more intense and the camera movements are faster. The pictures are on the beat of the music to create dramatic effect. The commercial ends with the traditional Taco Bell logo shaky and the Taco Bell bell sound to match the picture, to connect all the product placement of the quesalupa in each scene throughout the commercial.

The transitions matching the words and the music matching the pictures worked very well in the video. The only thing that did not work as well was the first scene being light and all the other scenes being dark. I think a common color scheme of darkness would have made in even more cohesive and effective. Overall, the commercial is very effective at grabbing the attention of the viewer, and maintaining it because of the comedy, quick visuals, and fast-paced, exciting music.



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