Ladylike Celeb Workout Lines

The Ladylike team at Buzzfeed creates videos that test products pertaining to women. In this video, the Ladylike team tests different types of celebrity workout clothing lines, and rate the clothes based on three tests: the bounce test, the sweat test, and the stretch test.

The variety of camera angles throughout the piece make the piece visually appealing. The video starts with a repetition of a video of one of the girls shimmying with the camera zooming in on each beat of the music. 

Throughout the video, there are examples of low angles and high angles. A low angle of the girls doing burpees is shot.


A high and diagonal angle of the yoga instructor lying down after yoga is taken.


They even use the fishbowl camera effect is used during the instant replay of the bounce test.


Whenever the girls are being interviewed, the camera uses a fixed shot and switches between a head-on shot and an angled/diagonal shot of the girl.

The camera also pans up and down the girls when showing their outfit or following the workout activities, such as the burpees. The camera’s movement is a bit shaky throughout the piece to create a sense of realism.

The editing and pacing of the piece keep the action on the beat of the music making the piece flow well. The title/introduction screen starts with the women walking in slow motion down the street to the beat of the music, and once the music speeds up the walking is accelerated. The instant replay shown after the bounce test is also in slow motion. All the yoga poses are shown quickly by speeding the action up to help maintain the watcher’s focus. The end of the video features a sped-up compilation of all the activities presented in the video in a few seconds. L-cut is used when the camera shows the bounce test with an audio overlay of a girl talking about the bounce test, and then transitions to a fixed shot of the girl talking with no break. J-cut is used when there is a fixed shot of a girl talking about the workout, and then cuts to a video of the actual workout with an audio overlay of the girl still talking.


The use of text and graphics is a major component in this piece, and both use a color scheme of bright and fun colors, such as: lime green, violent, and yellow. The title screen incorporates these colors as well as borders the text with black. The lettering is in all caps making a statement that the piece is bold and fun.


The lower third of the screen is also used for text to display the celebrity’s name and the name of their clothing line, as well as guests, such as the workout buff, Jordan. This uses the same color scheme, inverted to the black text with the bright color as a border. These texts slide in with a swiping noise.


Graphics are used to compare the scores of each workout line, by splitting the screen into four, and displaying the score beneath the picture of the celebrity.



When the score is presented next to the girl wearing the clothing line, the score and the celebrity frame the screen diagonally.


A spacial montage is used at the beginning of the video to show the actor on the left side, the workout outfit in the middle, and the celebrity and price of clothing in the middle, splitting the screen into thirds.


The video used two transitions. The first transition is a cinderella-type transition that transitions from the women introducing the video to a girl spinning in her working clothes. The transition is a blurred screen with a magical and fairy-like noise in the background. The other transition is the sliding transition before each test with the sweeping noise.


Overall, the piece was very visually appealing, and kept me engaged the entire time. I think the speeding up and slowing down with the music worked well in keeping the video fast-paced and interesting, but the shaky camera and blurry camera moments at times distracted from the video.



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